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The Confident Body Blueprint

Ready to see results in the mirror?

You will love feeling sexy, strong & confident in your skin after implementing the 5 easy steps I will teach you!

What you'llĀ learn:

  • the 5 secrets to seeing results in the mirrorĀ 
  • how to work out less and see faster results
  • a super-easy macro formula to use
  • how to prep healthy, delicious meals
  • how to eat more veggies
  • how to shift out of self-sabotage and a shitty mindset


Q: Will I have a certain amount of time to access it once purchased or does it last indefinitely for us to utilize?

A: Your membership lasts indefinitely! Once you purchase the course you will have access to it and any updates I make to it.

What People Are Saying:

“This is awesome! I have learned so much and I have started using a lot of the helpful info, tips and suggestions and feel great. Thank you so much!!!”


“The macro breakdown and grocery lists has been a game changer! And even being able to adjust it here and there for my weekly needs. It has honestly helped me out of the calorie counting hating ALL food cycle.”


“I loved the course and bought it because I've needed a new approach post-partum. The usual diets I've done in the past aren't working. I listened to the entire course the first day I bought it. It was engaging and practical, and gave me enough information to start a MyFitnessPal login and start tracking macros right away. I'm five days into tracking and just the protein macro goal is dramatically changing how I eat. I was at like 75 (as a vegetarian) the first day. By the second day, I had figured out how to boost protein at each meal and got over 100. I am already feeling better. Great course - and great way for someone like me to engage.”


“I bought the course to help me get back on nutrition. It is helping me by making me realize I actually have to do the work myself. I am especially loving the bonus "being your commitment" mindset module. ”


“Your Body Blueprint was the perfect fit - I absolutely love your coaching style!! You layout all the facts, share big picture goals AND little changes that can help me reach them. Thanks to you I'm finally working on a lifestyle shift with complete confidence. ”


“Such great info...especially excited for your recipes! THANK YOU!”


“Ummm I loved this module on mindset! I applied what you have taught in those modules to help a peer out with some belly fat issues she is having.”


“Thank you for creating the blueprint! I've really enjoyed the simple outlines and tips for success. Simple & easy to follow. I've already seen success with it!”


“LOVING the programme, I've almost watched and downloaded it all already, it's so helpful, thank you!”