How do I stay within my fat macro?

So first thing you can do is portion control. Instead of having two eggs, try having one egg and half a cup of egg whites. Instead of half an avocado, try having a quarter. Instead of putting a tablespoon of olive oil in your pan, try using coconut oil spray.

Try substituting foods that are barely noticeable - for example egg whites have basically no fat while an egg has 6g of fat. You can swap out two eggs for egg whites on your avocado toast and you just saved 12g  of fat.

PB2 is a great option too - powdered peanut butter - instead of 1 Tbs. nut butter, try 2 Tbs. of powdered. You just saved  14g of fat. Now this isn’t to say nut butters are “bad” for you, they aren’t but if we think if food as a budget we have to spend each day relative to our goals, then you have a certain amount of fat grams to spend and it’s up to you how you want to spend them.

I also recommend ditching salad dressings and sauces which often add very little to dishes...

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