How to lose bodyfat & keep your muscle!


When this client came to me, she did NOT feel good. She had a great life but her body was that one area not working for her.

She was working out multiple times a week and not seeing results (beyond frustrating!)

She felt like she’d been struggling with her weight her whole life. She was unhappy in her skin (despite a great life.)

She told me she just felt clueless about nutrition, fell off on the weekends and was eating too much sugar.

She wanted to enjoy going into her closet to pick out clothes. She wanted to feel comfortable in a swimsuit and in her skin again.

In our program:

She went from 29.1% body fat to 19.3% in just three months, lost three inches on her waist and lost 20lbs overall!

She learned how to fuel her workouts.

She learned about the content of food so now she knows how to stay on track for life.

And she feels comfortable in her skin again!

I absolutely LOVE helping women who...

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How our client lost 8% bodyfat in 6 weeks

client fitness nutrition Nov 30, 2019
Today I want to share how our client lost 10lbs of fat,  gained 3lbs of muscle and shed 8% bodyfat in just 6 weeks.
Tracking your body fat as opposed to just scale weight is especially valuable for tracking progress because as you can see from our client's progress she is down about 7lbs on the scale, but she gained 3lbs of muscle which means she actually lost 10lbs of fat!
Her body fat percentage decreased from 29.1% to 21.2% in about 6 weeks. (She started with us the 21st of October).
She has been extremely precise with her macros every day of the week, avoided alcohol and sugar, been increasing her veggies, sleeping well, reducing stress and hitting her steps and workouts.
She is eating more every two weeks on our program (reverse diet), she is enjoying a relaxed free meal out every week, and she has more energy for her high-demand job! She also has involved her boyfriend in her journey and he is tracking macros too and they...
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How to lose weight by walking

fitness weightloss wellness Nov 26, 2019

You want to know the answer to this question right??

Here it is: You’re. Not. Walking. Enough.

What? Walking?

That’s right.

I remember when I used to think I could just slay the gym really hard 3x a week and get results. HA! (Let’s be honest, I wasn’t even doing that.)

Fast forward to me being my heaviest weight, sluggish in my body, hating how I fit into clothes and 20lbs heavier than I am now.

I was working a sedentary nursing job 3 days a week where I sat on my toosh for 12 hours a day. It was also really boring. My day was punctuated by trips to the break room and coffee shop - I’d arrive at 645am and eat my breakfast. By 10am I was bored and would go to the coffee shop to get an iced latte and muffin.

Lunch time came and I’d often eat a few pieces of pizza in the break room plus my lunch. Just cuz. Cuz I was bored!

Then afternoon dragged on forever until 7pm and our manager would bring around a candy basket like we were 5 year olds, doling...

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