Have Your Nachos and Eat Them Too!

CONFESSION: I love nachos! But I honestly feel like crap after I eat traditional tortilla chips loaded with cheese and sour cream. So I've concocted a healthier option for ya'll! (You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl.) 

Super Cheesy Nachos

1 bag Brad's Veggie Cheddar Chips
4 Tbsp. Honest Stand Spicy Nacho Dip or Siete Queso
2 Tbsp. salsa
1 mini guacamole pack 
4 oz cooked 93/7 ground beef (or shredded chicken, shrimp, beans or tofu) 

Heat nacho dip up in microwave for 1 min stirring every 20 seconds. Place chips on a plate and top with beef. Drizzle nacho dip over top, add salsa and guacamole pack.

Topping Ideas:
- Green onions
- Jalapeno slices
- Nonfat greek yogurt
- Chopped cilantro
- Grilled Street Corn
- Diced chicken, chile lime shrimp
- Black or pinto beans

Carbs: 34g, Fat: 25g, Protein: 32g

(Save on fats by using chicken, shrimp or beans. Can also skip guacamole.)  

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