Why sugar makes you fat...

food nutrition Jan 21, 2020

Do you have a sweet tooth? I had a BAD sweet tooth for years and would bake constantly, snacking on cookies and muffins. I couldn't understand why I couldn't drop this stubborn fat. I was using agave and maple syrup! Healthy sugars, right?


Turns out I was eating wayyyy too much sugar. When I quit ALL added sugars for 30 days, I magically (okay, not magic, #science), lost 3lbs easily and mainly off my belly.

I learned that sugar was making me fat...

My nurse brain turned on and I realized this was because of sugar triggering the release of the powerful hormone insulin.

Insulin is so powerful that it actually tells your body NOT TO BURN FAT.

Every time I ate sugar I was telling my body to hold onto fat and to store carbohydrates.

I was sick of busting my butt in the gym to be GAINING weight and decided it wasn't my workouts. It was my nutrition.

So now I eat low to no-sugar and my clients follow the same protocol for their BEST physique results possible.

The World Health Organization recommends women have no more than 25g of added sugar and men have no more than 36g of added sugar. I personally find that’s too much for women to achieve their ideal physique goals.

In that case, I have clients to aim for no more than 6-8g of added sugar. This is very minimal but allows you to eat some food without being overly obsessive or restrictive. For example, that piece of gluten-free bread you have may have 1-2g of added sugar, or your favorite coffee creamer may have 2g per tablespoon, so this way you can have two pieces of toast in the morning or your morning coffee  but skip adding sugar to your coffee, skip the sugary granola, skip the pre-sweetened acai packs, you get the idea.

Lower is better always for our bodies but sugar is also enjoyable in moderation so it’s okay to have a yummy dessert every now and then. Just focus on how your body is FEELING.

If you feel sick after eating something sugary, that’s your body telling you it’s too much. But if you eat that chocolate souffle and it’s been a hot minute since you had sugar and you enjoyed every bite and felt good after, then you know your body can tolerate a sugary dessert  every now and then.

So in general aim for less than 10g of added sugar per day but don’t be afraid to have a sugary treat every now and then - maybe every couple weeks to once a month depending on your goals and your body’s response. 

What's your favorite dessert?

(Can you guess mine? I'll give you a hint: IT'S CHOCOLATE.)


Girl, YES.

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