How stress is sabotaging your weight loss

weightloss wellness Nov 26, 2019


A lot of times we can get overly focused on how much we are working out or how much food we are eating and neglect to see the holistic aspect to achieving our body comp goals.⁠

Stress impacts your results. ⁠

How? Stress changes the hormonal balance of your body in a lot of ways. Chronic stress leads to issues - stubborn weight loss, belly fat and belly bloat.⁠

When we are stressed our body releases more cortisol and adrenaline which disturbs our estrogen among other hormones. It alters our blood sugar, it shuts down our digestion. It affects our sleep.⁠

If you have anxiety, you may have noticed you often have gut issues. This is because the parasympathetic nervous system runs your gut. Anxiety = sympathetic nervous stimulation = your gut is shut off. ⁠

You must focus on reducing stress to optimize your results. This is KEY.

Sources of stress in our modern world:⁠

  • Being over-scheduled⁠

  • Overtraining/overexercising⁠

  • Alcohol⁠

  • Excess caffeine / junk food/ fast food/ sugar⁠

  • Traffic/commuting⁠

  • Noise and way more!

Ways to reduce your stress:⁠

  • Get in nature regularly without a phone or screen with you⁠

  • Take a hot bath with candles⁠

  • Get in water or by water regularly⁠

  • Take a gentle or yin yoga class once per week⁠

  • Light incense or candles play soft music and just be⁠

  • Do NOTHING - literally no book, no TV, no stimulation just sit with your eyes open and do nothing for 10min

I’ve been there with stress and it is a poison to our bodies and minds! It’s a continual process to reduce it so reach out support if you need help brainstorming ways to reduce stress!⁠

What’s your favorite way to de stress? Post below!⁠

Mine is a spa night with face mask + @lush bath bomb (EXPERIMENTER IS MY FAVE!)




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