Are smoothies making me gain weight?

food nutrition weightloss Dec 02, 2019

Maybe.⁠⁠ A lot of times we think "smoothie, healthy!" But there are a lot of factors that go into a smoothie being a food that will help you achieve your physique goals:⁠⁠

1) The right quantity - it's easy to overeat calories in a smoothie because liquid calories are not as satiating as whole food calories, so make sure you measure your peanut butter, fruit and protein powder instead of just eyeballing it.⁠⁠

2) Beware of pre-digestion - a smoothie is technically pre-digested so it will be absorbed more quickly than a whole meal which can lead to blood sugar spikes. Best to have a smoothie pre or post workout when your body can utilize the quick carbs well.⁠⁠

3) Avoid adding sugar. If you add agave or maple syrup to your smoothie thinking you're doing something healthy, you're not. The sugar + fruit + pre-digestion = big insulin spike.⁠

⁠Here are my keys for a great smoothie:⁠⁠-

  • Add at least 25-35g protein powder⁠

  • Add 1 Tbs. fat like cashew butter to slow digestion⁠

  • Add some greens

  • Use a low glycemic load fruit like blueberries or cherries⁠

  • Limit to a 300 calorie portion⁠⁠

What is your favorite smoothie? I'm a sucker for anything peanut butter and banana flavored!⁠

Tell me yours below!


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