Why does my weight fluctuate so much?

body weightloss Nov 23, 2019


Here's why:

  • fluids consumed

  • food consumed

  • fluids excreted

  • solids excreted

  • clothes worn

I did a little experiment for you which I invite you to try if you're curious!

We NEVER want to let the number on the scale disempower us. We simply want it be ONE of many data points we are assessing in understanding our fitness and health journey.

There are OBJECTIVE measurements we can take to assess progress - scale weight, measurements with tape measure, body fat percentage, lab values, our dress/pant size


There are SUBJECTIVE assessments - photos, how we feel, our energy & vitality, how we feel naked or in clothes, our mood, stress level, quality of sleep

I tracked my weight for 24 hours and here's what I found!


6am - naked - 121.4

944am - post-workout + 2 meals, damp hair + clothes - 123.6

1215pm - dry hair, peed - 122.4

4pm - post snack + lunch + 2 sparkling waters - 123.6

9pm - post dinner + snack + water - 125.4


6am - naked - 121.2

I hope sharing this helps you understand:

1) why your weight fluctuates so much during the day and why it is KEY to always measure at the same time each day under the same circumstances

2) how to be CURIOUS about the number on the scale and not ATTACHED to it - when we are attached to anything in life our emotions are connected to a result - and that result affects our emotions - COMMITMENT is standing for a result without letting it have any effect on your emotional state - good or bad

Was this helpful? Let me know if you are going to try the experiment by posting in the comments!



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