Why the master cleanse is the worst thing possible for your body

nutrition Nov 26, 2019

I remember working with a girl who did the master cleanse for 10 days. IT. WAS. THE. WORST.

 She was a miserable b*$#! And guess what? She gained back all the weight she lost. 

The “master cleanse” (lemon juice, maple syrup & cayenne pepper, laugh laugh) is never something I’d recommend because:

  1. It has ZERO science to back it up.

  2. It’s a starvation diet.

  3. It’s not sustainable.

  4. It’s a quick fix for a deeper problematic relationship you have with food, stress & your emotions.

  5. It has ZERO science behind it (oh yeah, said that already)

Occasionally I’ll see a fitness coach recommend a “juice cleanse” for people to start their fitness journey. 

Why is a juice cleanse the worst idea ever? 

  1. It’s not a “cleanse.” Drinking juice doesn’t cleanse you. Your liver cleanses you.

  2. Juices, even if fresh pressed, cold pressed, pressed in Antarctica, are still just SUGAR. You’ve taken the best part of the vegetables and fruits - the FIBER and removed it, so now you just have high glycemic load juices, unless you are just drinking kale, cucumber and celery juice (which most people aren’t.)

  3. They put you into a calorie deficit and disturb your blood sugar levels.

  4. They can negatively impact GI transit time because of the lack of fiber. (AKA you’ll be constipated AF.)

  5. They don’t teach you how to eat properly & what real nutrition looks like.

  6. They are a quick fix for a bigger problem.

I don’t believe in quick fixes or deprivation or starvation. 

Can a green juice be part of a healthy diet? For sure! And I recommend it as a way to reboot and feel vital and fresh. But you do NOT need to rid your diet of all food to refresh your bod. 

Try just eating real vegetables 4-5x a day, fiber and all. 

Eat real, complex carbs like quinoa, sweet potato, and whole oats. 

Stick to lean protein.

Drink a ton of water.

Work out.

Hit the sauna. 

Do a salt scrub. 





You do that for a week and you’ll be lightyears ahead of the people doing some non-scientific, b.s. “cleanse” that is nothing more than a quick, but temporary, fix for a much deeper problem: your unhealthy relationship with food, stress and the modern world. 


Girl, YES.

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