How our client lost 8% bodyfat in 6 weeks

client fitness nutrition Nov 30, 2019
Today I want to share how our client lost 10lbs of fat,  gained 3lbs of muscle and shed 8% bodyfat in just 6 weeks.
Tracking your body fat as opposed to just scale weight is especially valuable for tracking progress because as you can see from our client's progress she is down about 7lbs on the scale, but she gained 3lbs of muscle which means she actually lost 10lbs of fat!
Her body fat percentage decreased from 29.1% to 21.2% in about 6 weeks. (She started with us the 21st of October).
She has been extremely precise with her macros every day of the week, avoided alcohol and sugar, been increasing her veggies, sleeping well, reducing stress and hitting her steps and workouts.
She is eating more every two weeks on our program (reverse diet), she is enjoying a relaxed free meal out every week, and she has more energy for her high-demand job! She also has involved her boyfriend in her journey and he is tracking macros too and they meal prep together. #couplegoals
Best news? Today I asked her, "Do you think this is something that will be easy for you to sustain?" Her answer: "Absolutely."
This is what's possible when you fully commit to the strategy of our program. The strategy works if you work it.
All it requires is you believing in yourself and harnessing your power within to achieve your dreams.

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